Only two weeks remaining until the release of the new LORD VOLTURE album Will To Power on Mausoleum Records. Do you want to know how we recorded it? Check it out in Podcast #7: The Making Of Will To Power.

Posted on 28.08.2014
In about 7 weeks time LORD VOLTURE will hit the road for the 'Pure Evil (Hides In Slovakia)' tour. We added a show on route to Slovakia in the wonderful country of Czech Republic, where we'll play club NA VINICI in the scenic town of Blatná. The support act will be anounced soon.

Pure Evil (Hides In Slovakia) Tour:
07.10.2014 NA VINICI Blatná (CZ)
08.10.2014 BRITISH ROCK STARS Bratislava (SK)
09.10.2014 ARTKLUB Trnava (SK)
10.10.2014 DART CLUB Brezno (SK)
11.10.2014 LIVE CLUB Humenné (SK)
12.10.2014 TIRISH PUB Banská Bystrica (SK)

Posted on 17.08.2014
In less than five weeks the new LORD VOLTURE album Will To Power will be released on Mausoleum Records. We are happy to announce that we will celebrate this event with an album release show on Satuday 13th September in the renowned Dynamo venue in Eindhoven city, the rock capital of the Benelux. At this moment we are finalising the line-up with some very special guest acts who will be announced later.

In the meantime, enjoy another new track from the Will To Power album. This goes out to all the evil men and women of the world. This is "Line 'em Up!".

Posted on 12.08.2014
We are very proud to announce that LORD VOLTURE have been confirmed for the LES-FEST WILDFIRE festival in Scotland in June 2015. From the festival organisation's official press release:

“The first headliner for 2015 needs very little introduction from us, suffice to say we are delighted to have enticed genuine heavy metal legends Tygers of Pan Tang to Wildfire 2015. Oh, you want another iconic name? Well the ultimate family friendly good-time festival needs a proper party band, a band that has played just about every other UK festival but couldn't resist the draw of Wildfire's lakeside setting; oh crikey it's only Lawnmower Deth. Next up, a band cited as an influence by no less than James Hetfield. Scottish heavy metal legends Holocaust will be making an exclusive appearance... when they're on the Wildfire office will be closed and you'll find us all down the front. Adding Wildfire's first splash of international colour, the hotly tipped Lord Volture are making the trip across from The Netherlands to grace our main stage, Anyone who caught their recent set at SOS festival knows this is one not to be missed. Topping off our first announcement, we're delighted to announce that we'll be joined by a dazzling array of talent that includes Tysondog, The Mercy House, Line of Fire, Ronin, Press to Meco, Kaine and Silverjet And mainly because guitarist KC threatened to cry if we didn't, we've even found a spot for Leeds' finest rock'n'roll miscreants The Idol Dead.”


Posted on 01.08.2014
Another live review on SOS Festival, by Michael Dodd of Get Your Rock Out this time:

"The surprise package of the weekend definitely had to be Dutch metallers Lord Volture. With a NWOBHM vibe, galloping rhythm and soaring vocals from super charismatic singer David Marcelis this epic quintet produced one of the atmospheric highlights of the day, which given the calibre of bands who were to follow is no small feat. This was a performance of high octane awesomeness and everybody was involved. The acoustics of the hall meant that when the crowd sang along it reverberated in such a way that it sounded like there was a battalion of metalheads in chorus. The band’s interaction with the audience as they laid down their sweet sound was exceptional, getting everybody to clap along and bang their heads. The set closed with a number called ‘Light Them Up’ and that’s just what this highly impressive act did. On a day where the main stage would see some of Britain’s most epic bands, these Dutch masters proved a genuine highlight." Read more.

Posted on 28.07.2014
A new live review by Rob Nankivell of Devils Gate Media about LORD VOLTURE's set at SOS Festival Manchester previous weekend:

"Dutch maestros of metal, LORD VOLTURE, took us back to the traditional. I was instantly 'back in the womb', hearing echoes of Maiden, Priest, Dio and Saxon at every turn. Vocalist, David Marcelis did a fantastic job of working the crowd, which he was duly rewarded with by a sea of horns and hair! I, too, found myself nodding and foot-tapping, with a wry smile on my face." Read the full review here.

Posted on 26.07.2014
David and Simon tell about LORD VOLTURE's show at SOS Festival, future UK tours and the new Will To Power album during an interview with Felicity of Get Your Rock Out at SOS Festival Manchester last Saturday.

Posted on 25.07.2014
Behold the teaser video for our new album "Will To Power", to be released 12th September 2014 on Mausoleum Records. An album release show will be held on Saturday 13th September in a venue to be announced soon. Get that date into your agendas because we are preparing a killer line-up!

Posted on 24.07.2014
After confirming LORD VOLTURE and eight other international bands last Saturday, unfortunately, the Rommelrock Festival organisation have changed their minds and decided to cancel all bands who were supposed to be playing the festival on Sunday 17th August. No need to say that we are both surprised and disappointed by their decision and their way of dealing with bands and breaking agreements. We apologize to any fans who were planning to come to Rommelrock and see LORD VOLTURE.
Posted on 17.07.2014
In the tradition set on previous LORD VOLTURE albums, which featured guest appearances by Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and Sean Peck (CAGE), we have now found ex-MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland willing to lend his shredding skills for some seriously enhanced metal. On the "The Great Blinding" track he entangles with Paul Marcelis and Leon Hermans into a mind boggling twin-guitar attack covering the last one and a half minutes of the song.

Chris Poland says: "LORD VOLTURE is my guilty pleasure. I am always playing OHM: type music as of late so when I got this chance to sit in with a band as heavy as LORD VOLTURE I said hell yeah!"

Paul Marcelis says: "I guess all musicians have one or more personal ‘heroes’, musicians who they consider a huge inspiration, whose skill and style form a point on the horizon to strive for. For me Chris Poland is such an example. To this day I still get goosebumps whenever I hear his solos on the three MEGADETH albums he played on, so obviously I’m more than stoked that he now has lent his talent to the new LORD VOLTURE album. It is truly a dream come true!"

Posted on 14.07.2014

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